Personal Messages from Beyond the Grave

10477607_10152315924869475_1208618163_nI need to share a little something with you that’s been on my mind for weeks now. I hadn’t intended to write about it but when I was pondering on ideas for my next Blog this seemed appropriate. Whilst walking the incline of my driveway to retrieve the mail from my letter box, I was feeling rather melancholy and YES sorry for myself as I wallowed selfishly about life and the paths I was heading. I remember looking down in perfect synchronicity to spy myself a rose petal shaped into what I immediately thought was a love heart. Being a romantic and lover of the supernatural, my initial thought was – a message from beyond the grave? Then logic crept in – it’s just a slightly deformed and weathered dying rose petal, nothing more, nothing less.

Although I’m not black and white in my thinking and believe that things have a tendency to be many shades of in-between, I like to rule out the ridiculous with a more logical answer; who wouldn’t? I toyed with the notion that maybe someone from beyond the veil was conveying a subtle message and that things will work out for the better and that I wasn’t to worry. However, too quickly I dismissed it and took the petal for what it was. Has my belief in the deceased looking out for us taught me nothing? Perhaps it’s a test and my lesson is not to dismiss things as quickly as I do.


After I started writing this Blog about the rose petal, my thoughts were taken down memory lane to when my youngest son was around 9 years of age. His school assignment was that he had to create a ‘simple’ toy from scratch. As a mother I took this on board and really wanted to help him come up with something good. At that time, I hadn’t thought about Googling and in hindsight I don’t think he was allowed to look it up on the internet.

A day or two after he was assigned the simple toy making task, I was strolling through an arcade and happened to look over at a basket of second hand books that sat on display outside a shop run by the historical society. Well, poking out of this box, I kid you not – was this small booklet entitled ‘Simple Toy-Making’. My initial reaction was shock and when I happened to question myself as to what this all meant, a thought came to mind that I was on the right path. Don’t ask me the meaning to the thought because to be honest I cannot tell you; but it felt right somehow.

As mentioned earlier, usually my logic lends a helping hand but on this particular day I must have left it at home, having been elatedly blown away. Of course I bought the booklet, and at fifty cents, it was a steal. Well I excitedly babbled on to the elderly lady volunteers who empathetically agreed with me that it was definitely divine intervention at play but I don’t blame them if after I left they had shared a chuckle amongst themselves. Guiltily I admit that I have no idea as to what toy my son had finally created but I will always remember that ‘aha!’ moment.


About angelaswalton

I'm a paranormal investigator who loves to write and what better than to combine my two passions to create my first novel, Transcendence, a historical paranormal romance set right here in my hometown of Newcastle Australia. I also love writing short stories and endeavour to challenge myself once again in my childhood pastime of poetry.
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