Ode to Captain Winchester

Written by Renata Daniel
Copyright 2014

I wait for you …

As I feel the seaspray on my face and hear the roar of the waves
I listen for your voice calling out to me.
I know you like no other
I feel you stand by my side, I long for your touch, to see your face
But you are gone
A memory that still crawls from my mind out from the darkness of a past life.


And when I stand on the edge of the sea of my tears
I hear you then
You call my name and your voice transcends all time
You were my past, you are my now and you will be by future.
I am waiting my love
I will wait for as long as is forever
I will spend my nights adrift in my dreams, wrapped in your arms
No longer alone
Until I wake to long for you again.



Artwork Lydia by the sea Copyright 2014 Tulip Time Images
Artwork Lydia by the tombstone Copyright 2014 Renata Daniel
Lydia modelled by the beautiful Kristie Maher





About angelaswalton

I'm a paranormal investigator who loves to write and what better than to combine my two passions to create my first novel, Transcendence, a historical paranormal romance set right here in my hometown of Newcastle Australia. I also love writing short stories and endeavour to challenge myself once again in my childhood pastime of poetry.
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