My Ghostly Experience at the Old George & Dragon

OLD GEORGE AND DRAGONBeing a paranormal investigator at Newcastle Ghost Hunters sees our dedicated team of five, quite prepared for any investigation. This day started out the same as any other. We received a call from our friends at the Old George & Dragon Hotel in East Maitland, saying their mischievous spirits were acting up again. Eagre to help once more, some of us put together our well-stocked bag of ghost hunting paraphernalia whilst others donned psychic caps, and from there we headed off.

Level headed owner Jenni Nichols and Head Chef Gavin initially hesitated to contact us for fear we might think them crazy. After assuring them of their sanity, we soon established a rapport as they recounted their experiences of disembodied voices, sightings of apparitions and shadowy figures, people being touched, footsteps heard when no-one was around, and much more. Through research, this hotel spans over one hundred years and a tragic story or two, so it’s no wonder things happen, whether residual or intelligent-based.

This being our second visit, we made our way around the venue before proceeding into the charming old-world dining area with its beautiful open fireplace, heritage-green walls and floral and red draped curtains. In this particular room, staff have experienced cutlery and chairs disappearing from tables, only to have them found in completely different locations within the premises.

When team psychics tuned into spirits that were of the one family – names of who were later validated, I was unprepared for my own personal experience; after all, I consider myself to be the tech-head on the team. One of our psychic’s described how the spirit of a man in period clothing was seen standing out of our way in the far corner of the dining room observing our goings on.

Taking advantage of this opportunity I grabbed my EMF Metre and digital voice recorder and took a seat just to the side of where he was purported to be standing. Personal experiences were far from my mind as I concentrated intently on documenting something on audio and looking to the EMF metre for some validation, when I decided to stand up. Within an instant I was feeling slightly intoxicated with a touch of vertigo, and it’s then I knew something not of this world had walked into me and did not leave until after I sat down to try to regain my composure. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, just peculiar. Usually I would try to find myself some sort of rational answer, but to have it validated by one of the resident psychics that the spirit apologised for startling me, is quite a humbling experience indeed.

You will find this story under a different title - 'A Ghost that
Wanted to Say Hello', and personal encounters from other 
sane-minded people, in a booklet entitled 'Newcastle Ghost 
Stories'- produced and published by Newcastle Ghost Tours.
Available direct from their Facebook Store.

About angelaswalton

I'm a paranormal investigator who loves to write and what better than to combine my two passions to create my first novel, Transcendence, a historical paranormal romance set right here in my hometown of Newcastle Australia. I also love writing short stories and endeavour to challenge myself once again in my childhood pastime of poetry.
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