An Unexpected Playdate at Oakhampton Cemetery

DCIM101MEDIAIt’s an intoxicating spring morning in early September, where clear blue skies and hardly a breath of wind tempt me out from my hibernation crib. As it’s just too nice a day to waste my daylight hours indoors, my mind sifts through the list of leisure activities to do on such a beguiling day. The phone rings – it’s one of my ghost hunting friends. ‘How about a road trip out to Oakhampton cemetery?’ she suggests. I jump at the opportunity with an enthusiastic response. ‘See you in an hour’, she says, and disconnects.

We arrive at the historical site that sits on the banks of the Hunter River, the signage out front reads operational from 1849 to 1894. If not for the TLC from volunteers who spend their free time maintaining cemeteries such as these, conditions would probably make entry to the site impossible. It’s difficult to say how many tombstones lie beneath the carpet of river silt caused by past flooding, but we manage to find the decaying tilted tombstone of William Arnott’s first wife and two infant sons. I am, of course, referring to William Arnott, founder of the Arnott’s Biscuits we savour today, who is in fact buried alongside his second wife Margaret, at Rookwood Cemetery.

After removing some of the undergrowth surrounding the tombstone, it is here we decide to set up the SB7 and conduct our first spirit box session with the deceased. It’s theorised that the white noise (the shhhhh noise), acts as a fuel for spirits to communicate and manipulate words from station to station, sometimes forming sentences. All it takes is an AM/FM radio, modified to continuously scan the airwaves.

We introduce ourselves to the spirits, with a brief explanation of our paranormal paraphernalia, and conduct a protection prayer. We ask spirit to validate their first and last name, the era they passed, even sharing with them information on the 21st Century. There are male voices asserting their existence with a full name response, but after checking through the list of cemetery inscriptions we cannot locate the source. Perhaps their graves lay completely submerged beneath the silt. The highlight of our investigation are the giggles of playful spirit children, their voices coming through at faster than normal audibility range which doesn’t always happen this way.IMG_4630

After arriving home I’m eager to download possible evidence onto the computer. Sometimes when investigating a location, we leave empty handed, and yet when revisiting the same location, it may be a hive of activity; we just can’t pick it. However, today is one of those days where I’m reminded why I love what I do. I believe I have recorded one of those spirit children on the digital voice recorder. After slowing it down to audible hearing range, I hear the following. Remember when clicking on the highlighted field, simply click on the back arrow on your browser to return to this page. So…without further ado … please click here.


About angelaswalton

I'm a paranormal investigator who loves to write and what better than to combine my two passions to create my first novel, Transcendence, a historical paranormal romance set right here in my hometown of Newcastle Australia. I also love writing short stories and endeavour to challenge myself once again in my childhood pastime of poetry.
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