The Name’s Neville

I used to think that most of the rental homes we lived in when my siblings and I were growing up were haunted. Apart from that one early morning being woken from my slumber with a breath in my ear, I found out that the other two women in my family were constantly being bombarded with supernatural phenomena. But, I was to find out later that it was never the house that was haunted!


I recount a time when residing in our double story rental in Tugun Queensland, having already been there a good six months or so. We had just finished dinner and preparing to settle down for the night, when my sister decided to go upstairs and have a shower. As the rest of us were sitting on the lounge absorbed in our favourite television sitcom, a high-pitched cry was heard from overhead and moments later my sister appeared at the bottom of the stairs, her face a deathly white as though she had seen a ghost. She explained that whilst stopping at the linen closet to grab herself a bath towel, something unseen had passed through her so quickly that she had barely time to catch her breath. To this day we have no idea who it was, but it was enough to shake her up for a while, and the rest of us for that matter. I think I slept with the light on for the next month! This wasn’t the first time she experienced something like this, but it’s something that helped pave the way to my wanting to be a paranormal investigator. My curiosity for what lies for us on the other side, was forever growing.


Those of us, who are intrigued by the supernatural know that spirits, ghosts, entities, or whatever one wishes to call them, come forward for many reasons. Their messages are sometimes clear, and at other times cryptic. They may even grace you with a visual encounter before vanishing into thin air. I am told that some people are like beacons that shine the light for  spirits whether they want it or not. For people like my mother and my sister, this would make sense. Since my sister moved into her home on the North Coast, she has been bombarded with a lot of spirit visitors. I’ve suggested to her that her home may be a supernatural portal where spirits come and go.


To date and just to name a few instances, two young children have been seen playing and giggling on the stairwell of her two-story home; men and women are seen regularly standing at the foot of her bed; she’s been touched; the dog barks and his tail wags at nothing. A mischievous spirit woke my sister up one morning addressing her by name and saying she was going to win lotto. That was two years ago and she’s still waiting. Once when she was driving home from work and just about to turn into her driveway, she saw the spirit of the previous elderly owner standing at her kitchen window, and this wouldn’t be the only time she’d see her.


It got to the point where my sister was having so much broken sleep that her phone calls to me were becoming more of a cry for help. And so, as a paranormal investigator I had to try to help get to the crux of the problem and communicate with these spirits, at least for my sister’s sake. Spirits communicate when and if they can, so just because the place is rife with activity, does not mean that I’ll have any luck capturing credible evidence on tape.

ghosts are real

Whilst conducting my investigation in her lounge room, I thought I heard the name Michael coming through on the spirit box, but he wasn’t coming through as clearly as I would have liked. We decided to move the investigation into the bedroom where I asked spirit if we were communicating with a person named Michael. Well, this time we received a response that we weren’t quite expecting. Gobsmacked and mouthing the words ‘Oh my God!’ at one another, we definitely received a reply, but it wasn’t Michael! It was an elderly chap named Neville! But through our research to date, we still don’t know who Neville is. Perhaps this message is meant for someone out there in cyberspace. If you recognise the voice, could you please let me know.

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About angelaswalton

I'm a paranormal investigator who loves to write and what better than to combine my two passions to create my first novel, Transcendence, a historical paranormal romance set right here in my hometown of Newcastle Australia. I also love writing short stories and endeavour to challenge myself once again in my childhood pastime of poetry.
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