A little about me

Photo 1 TranscendenceI was born Angela Sian Barnes on Friday 22 December 1967 at Fairfield District Hospital Sydney to parents Michael and Scottish born mother Evelyn. When my mother presented me to my siblings for the first time, my sister, the only girl among two older brothers, insisted mum put me back where I came from. Well, now that she’s had time to get used to me, her actions are regretted and we’re the best of friends today. We moved to Melbourne when I was a wee bairn, then to the Gold Coast in ’78, and when I was seventeen my father moved us to Sydney where I met the man of my dreams six years later. Twenty-two years on and we have two teenage sons and a spoilt family pooch.

In primary school I was an attention seeker and loved making up stories for Show and Tell, and although I loved the creative side to life, I didn’t realise my passion until I was in my 40’s; better late than never. I didn’t go onto University and study English Literature. Instead I dropped out of high school and became a lost soul for a number of years, dabbling in poetry in my teens and taking up creative writing courses from time to time. I love biographies, and stories about the afterlife intrigue me. All my life I’ve been so fascinated with the paranormal, a love shared also by my mother and my sister. I adore anyone who pursues their dream with a healthy passion. Inspirational authors for an array of reasons would have to be JK Rowling, Stephanie Meyer and a local historian and author Debbie Robson.

I admire those who overcome adversity to fulfil their dreams and for this reason love open minded down to earth people who aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves and show their vulnerable side. People who are closed off tend to make me uncomfortable and hard to read. I can never get enough hugs and love spending time with friends and family.

Ten years ago I co-founded Boo! Paranormal, and more recently Newcastle Ghost HuntersThese are completely free services which involve sharing everything paranormal with people all around the world who have had similar and unique experiences or just love reading about the paranormal. We also hire our investigative services out voluntarily to the public who are dealing with troublesome spirits in their home or work place. Some people love clubbing on a weekend but we’re right at home just kicking back and investigating cemeteries and public venues, all with permission of course.

Please refer to my publisher’s author page for more information.


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